Sing Me A New Song

Delivered in partnership with Glasgow Life, Glasgow Building Preservation Trust, and Live Music Now.

Robyn Stapleton & Claire Hastings (BBC Radio Scotland’s Young Traditional Musician of the Year 2014 and 2015 respectively) led a local community choir, Voicebeat, over 4 weeks of songwriting workshops to develop a new suite of songs, drawing their inspiration and themes from the heritage of the Bandstand.

At the end of the workshop period there was a public performance at the Bandstand.  As part of the Fox Star Community Arts Festival, an evening of live music and choir singing was held at the bandstand.  Voicebeat showcased their 4 new songs, The Kelvingrove Waltz, Foreign Native, A Place for the People, and Barefoot in the Park.

Robyn & Claire had the opportunity to perform their own sets too, along with four Glasgow Community choirs – Voicebeat, The Glad Community Choir, The Sirens of Titan Choir, and The Parsonage. The evening was a terrific opportunity for the musicians and the community choirs to perform on stage at such an iconic venue.

Images courtesy of Neil Davidson Summer Season 2015

Song Lyrics

Here are the lyrics of the 4 songs written by Voicebeat members in collaboration with Robyn Stapleton & Claire Hastings

A Place for the People

It’s famous for parks and for gardens
Renowned for its famous style mile
But In a city so fierce yet so friendly
It’s people that make Glasgow smile

A place where we all come together
Where artist and audience are one
In the heart of the city of Glasgow
The Kelvingrove bandstand lives on

We sing of the Clyde and the Kelvin
We praise our museums all free
But it’s ordinary folks that make Glasgow
Make Glasgow miles better for me

La la la…
And this is a place for the people
A place for the rich and the poor
For playwrights and punters and poets
Musicians and school kids and more

Chorus x2

Barefoot in the Park

Sunday afternoons set in brass
Echo while silver waters gently pass.
Be it Souza or Schottische, time steps by
Listen to the band play and it will fly

Dance dance dance barefoot in the park
When the sun goes down we’ll be dancing in the dark.
Dance dance dance barefoot in the park
When the sun goes down we’ll be dancing in the dark.

There may be a song of the river Clyde
But here’s a river I am happy beside
Come reggae or rock music strike up the band
There’s room for 7000 if you stand

Follow the band down to Kelvinside
Where underneath the trees waters swiftly glide
When it’s 300 degrees Kelvin in the shade
You can dance or sit and sip your lemonade

Dance the Gay Gordons to a samba beat
There will be a band to get you on your feet
Folks of all ages can join the pack
Now that the Kelvingrove bandstand is back

Repeat last line at end

Foreign Native

My bus pulled in not long ago
To this infamous of towns
A foreigner when I arrived
But a mutual love has grown
The beggars and the buskers beat
I weave along Sauchiehall Street
A warm smile on a stranger’s face
Makes me welcome in this place

Oh, I belong to Glasgow
And she belongs to me
I wasn’t born and bred here
But we were meant to be x2

Sandstone mixes up with green
Amid steel and smoky hues
I squint the sun out of my eyes
Watch the river run right through
A melting pot, a meeting point
Giving hope to those with none
Sharing a home with everyone
A foreign native I’ve become

Chorus x3

The Kelvingrove Waltz

On spring Sunday mornings, I’d be up with the lark,
And out with my granddad to walk in the park.
I’d hear the band music as we walked along,
And as we got nearer he’d sing me this song:

1. Step on to my shoes, darlin’ Jeannie,
I’ll teach you the steps of the dance.
Hear the beat of the music, marking out time,
The rise of the melody, fall of the line,
As we danced to the Kelvingrove Waltz.

As a lass in the fifties, I’d go dancin’ with pals,
The Barrowlands, Palais, and other dance halls.
But at Kelvingrove bandstand, one Sunday in May,
I met my man Jimmy and to me he would say:

2. Come dance with me, my darlin’ Jeannie,
I’ll show you the steps to romance.
Hear the beat of the music, marking out time,
The rise of the melody, fall of the line.
As we dance to the Kelvingrove Waltz.

In our wee flat in Partick we brought up wee Jean
And each Sunday morning in the park we’d be seen
The groups on the bandstand would play the hit
But in wee Jeannie’s ear my ain Jimmy would croon:

Chorus 1
Quiet Verse

But now as I walk in the park all alone
My Jimmy is gone and wee Jeannie has grown
I hear people sing on the brand new bandstand
Takes me back to my childhood and Grandad’s
sweet chant:

Chorus 1

Repeat last line at end